Friday, September 8, 2017

Our Family's $121 a Week Grocery Meal Plan.

Yesterday I took the sale flyer from Brookshires and bought just what was on sale. Nothing more , nothing less. I spent $121. For a family of 7.
What did I get for that $121 and what will I make with it all?

Well the $2 bag of 5 pounds of apples will go into a cake.

The gallon of coconut milk will be used for coffee creamer and skincare.

The 2 bags of cheese will be used for homemade pizza.( I received 2 pizza crusts, 2 jars of pizza sauce and 2 packs of pepperoni free when I bought the cheese)

Speaking of pizza, frozen ones were on sale too and I bought a few for a quick  lunch.

I bought some tea, 4 bags of chicken, 2 boxes of taquitos ( yes I went there!) (Whiny kids can get on your nerves), a gallon of oj, 10 lbs of potatoes, 2 pounds of navy beans to make soup with, 4 boxes of waffles and 4 boxes of cereal ...yes I have slipped..we usually make our own, but these were organic and only $1.50 a box and the whiny kids and, and, and they were organic( did I mention that?)

Anyway..breakfasts will be waffles, cereal and more waffles and cereal _ we already have oatmeal and with 30 chickens...we have eggs...

Lunches will be pizza ( twice) , taquitos, and whatever else find around here ..I always have plenty of meal preps on hand, while supper will be chicken and rice, bbq chicken and potatoes,  chicken spaghetti ( I already had 12 lbs of noodles on hand as well as a garlic sauce hubby insisted on buying ( glad he did now!) bean soup, and chicken tacos ...other ingredients already present and accounted for)  and homemade pizza.

We are having apple cake and peach pie for desert this week plus oatmeal and raisin cookies as a snack ( who doesn't  have a jar of raisins on hand?!. I bought 3 lb bags of ORGANIC peaches for $1.75 a bag and bought all 10 bags. Hello freezer!!

And that pretty well sums up how I spent $121 on a week's worth of groceries and what we plan to do with them.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Freebies and Kohls

So far this week I have "purchased" 2 8x10 photos of my kids for the grand total of $0 !
Moneysaving mom had the link listed for both these is so worth it to sign up for  her deal texts!!

I have also , in the last 2 weeks "purchased" 60 4x6 prints thru 3 different photo companies and didn't pay one cent! Not even for shipping!

I spraypainted 2 soup cans and voila! Now I have a stylish way of storing my forks and spoons.

Kohls had boys underwear on sale so I grabbed a package. Those things are always so expensive! And by using my Kohls credit card I was able to save 30% more.!
Kohls is the only charge card I have and use. All the discounts I get make it worthwhile; as long as I pay off the balance every month. Last Christmas I was able to "buy" 7 gifts with no out of pocket expense!!

And why was I at Kohls if I am trying to save money? Well, they sent me a $10 gift card for my birthday and a $5 gift card for my anniversary with them! Combining discount codes with Kohls cash I had earned thru previous transactions and these gift cards I was able to get a pair of $15 earrings for $2 and a throw pillow and 3 bamboo cutting boards for nothing!

I added 2 cans of baked beans to my food storage.

My husband bought me roses and wanted to give me a vase at the same time. He creatively chose a thermos! That way , after the roses are gone, I will have a travel thermos for my coffee and a reminder of my beautiful gift.

What did you do this week? Did you shop at Kohls? Where do you like to shop?

Sunday, September 3, 2017

A Few Basics

I was asked to list a few basics to keep on hand and what to do with them. The ones I have listed are super cheap and will get you by without a lot of money. Feel free to eliminate any that you feel are not as healthful as you would like :)

Eggs...egg burritos one morning.. scrambled with a side the next and fried on toast the next. Hardboiled for a snack and egg salad for a supper.

Potatoes..fried for a lunch, baked with supper, raw as a snack ( sprinkle with pink salt) , in a soup for another supper, .

Rice...served with spices or sugar and cinnamon for a old-fashioned northern breakfast , as a side for supper, cooked with chicken in a Crock-Pot for another supper, combined with burger to stretch it for burritos, added to a soup to bulk it up a breakfast, as an ingredient for no bake cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, as a topping for apple crisp ( really any fruit)

Flour tortillas and hard taco shells...use for burritos and tacos one evening ,then as cheesy quesadillas for lunch and finally use hard shells for nachos and soft shells buttered and  sprinkled with either cinnamon or chili seasoning for a sweet or spicy snack.

Chili..use as a meal one day then top baked potatoes with it the next day. Top hot dogs ( nitrite free of course!) then next.

There you have a few basics and what to do with them. I hope that helps ! :)

Saturday, September 2, 2017

How I Cut My Grocery Bill by More Than Half

I have reduced my grocery bill by $250 a week! Yes, I was spending between $350 and $400 a week and now I'm not!

How did I do this?

Well, I have goats now and they provide more than enough milk. And since they forage all day my feed costs are only $8 a week. For almost 7 gallons a week! And this will only increase once their kids are weaned.
My 30 chickens give plenty of eggs and since they are free range and I only feed them scraps my feed bill for them is nothing.
We don't buy any snacks. Now I didn't say we didn't eat any, I said that I didn't buy any. Except popcorn...we buy popcorn. I snagged a $35 popcorn popper for only $10 on an Amazon lightning deal.
But all other snacks, cookies, crackers, and the like, we MAKE. From scratch.  We make our own flour too...from wheatberries I buy from various prepping companies.  They taste better than store bought and sure as heck don't have the chemicals that they do!

Breakfast in our house is usually a smoothie, since I am all about fruits and vegetables, especially organic.

Lunches are basically the same every week because they are made with what I have on hand always....spicy rice, cheesy quesadillas, fried egg sandwiches, pbj on homemade bread, egg burritos,  quiche, ...things like that. Simple and ingredients are always on hand. We almost aways add fruit and raw veggies as sidedishes.

So that only leaves suppers to plan . I keep a list of 80 meals that I know how to cook and when inspiration fails me I just consult the list and plan from there.

Another way that I am saving on my grocery bill is by ordering the items online at both Sam's Club and Walmart using the Swagbucks website. This earns me Amazon gift cards and prevents me from overspending because the food is either delivered to my home or in the case of fresh items, it is already packed up and waiting for me when I get there. No aisle wandering and throwing in "spontaneous" items!

As for other products that we use but don't eat, I buy those from the Amazon Subscribe and program using the gift cards I earned buying groceries. Every month I have shampoo, toilet paper , cleaning supplies ( I make all my own cleaners including detergent ) and herbal supplements delivered to my door. I make our toothpaste too.

So that is how I am saving money on our grocery bill. I would love to hear how you cut costs!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


What? Save money while eating real food? How?
Read more about this challenge here

I found a fantastic cast iron giveaway!  5 pieces! Go here to enter and here to read about the benefits of cooking with cast iron 

A few thoughts

Thrifty means : using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully

Frugal means: simple and plain and costing little.

Thrifty and frugal don't mean cheap.

By the way cheap means of little worth because achieved in a discreditable way requiring little effort.

I hate to disrespect Mr. Webster, but I work hard to get frugal stuff in a thrifty manner.! 

I may be thrifty and frugal but I am not cheap. 

Isaiah 55:2 says Why do you spend your money for that which is not bread, and your labor for that which does not satisfy? Listen diligently to me, and eat what is good, and delight yourselves in rich food.

God tells us to delight in rich food and the word rich used here means sumptuous. Sumptuous by definition means made at great cost. Doesn't sound cheap to me !

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A Few Things I Did This Week

A few things I did this week

I added a few drops of tea tree oil to my unscented castille soap mixed with water and gave my liquid hand soap a boost.

In my quest to shop from the pantry I made breakfast for dinner 3 times. Once was fried potatoes and sausage, once was  pancakes and another was quiche.

I washed out and tracked down lids to all the spaghetti sauce jars so I would have plenty of storage for all the milk I get from my goats.
I had to board up a window when we converted the porch to our bedroom. That left an ugly board smack dab in the middle of an otherwise pretty wall. So I covered it up with a curtain and put white Christmas lights behind it. Thanks Pinterest!

I found a great deal on cans of cannelli beans at the store next to the laundromat. I cook these up with chicken and carrot coins for a family-pleasing soup.
I was there because it has been raining like crazy here for days and I have been unable to hang my laundry out.
I took my homemade detergent with me. I simply poured some in a ziplock and off we went. My recipe is super easy...1 box Zote soap flakes, 1 cannister of Dollar Tree Oxiclean, 1 box baking soda, 1 box Borax and 1 box washing soda. I pour all the boxes in my big glass jar and mix together. Then I use a 1/8 cup in each load.

The fam and I have been enjoying this peach tea all summer long. Almost makes the long hot days bearable!

I have been reading a new book while I wait for my husband to get his xrays and MRIS done (he broke his back at work a month ago and tho he can walk he is in a lot of pain). The book is called My Life as an Amish Wife.

I wrote to Purina requesting coupons and they sent me some good for $50 worth of cat food for free!

I used my Shop Your Way points ( similar to Swagbucks) and "bought" a waffle iron ( hubby asked for one)  and more cat food to put away for prepping for free!

I cut my grocery bill from $350 a week to $125 a week! It has been working for over a month now. I put the money I save  in savings or buy something we need for the fencing...

What have you been doing?

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Ways I Saved Money Last Week

The number one way I saved money this week was by ordering my groceries online at Sam's Club and then picking them up without browsing the aisles. I couldn't believe how much I saved by not throwing ANY impulse items in the cart. I simply made a list of items need  meals

I used to order my chicken and goat feed as well as cat food. Then I went into town to pick it up. By doing so I earned 100 swagbucks and that adds up to $5 Amazon gift cards. I do this twice a month.

I used my swagbucks gift card that I already earned to purchase a Plant Therapy lemon essential oil.

New to Swagbucks? It's a site where you answer surveys, watch tv clips and shop thru that earns you gift cards to some of your favorite stores! Sign up here!

I used the Amazon gift card that I earned from program similar to Swagbucks... to buy a bottle of garlic supplements that my family takes. Totally free this time!

I turned in 5 dollars worth of Shop Your Way points for a $5 Kmart gift card and bought a Rubbermaid storage bin that I had been needing.

I used my Groupon app to purchase a $20 Dominos gift card for only $10...not a super healthy lunch but the kids like it and it gave us all a treat. Combined with a deal they had running, we all had plenty to eat.

One of my favorite stores ,Walmart ,had bagged salads on sale for 59 cents! As long as we eat it within the next week it will be fresh and yummy. I predict a lot of side salads over the next few days :)


That was the run down on my savings/  earnings this past week. How was yours? Share in the comments below.