Thursday, December 1, 2016

My Daddy

When you are a little girl you think your daddy can do anything. Lift cars over his head. Swim the deepest ocean. Lock all the doors and keep you safe. No matter who or what comes your way , daddy can take care of it.

When you are older you realize daddy isn't super human but God forbid anyone else think that! Now it's your turn to protect his reputation. Nobidy else will ever think he isn't next to God in his abilities. And besides, deep down, you still think he is anyway.

Until the day ....when his superman abilities don't come out and protect him or you. Til something insidious comes between you and no matter how hard he fights it , it becomes apparent you and he are losing. Losing to something you can't see so how do you fight it? How do you stop it ?How do you make it go away?

And then the day comes , when the phone call comes that you knew would, and your heart breaks in a million pieces and you long for daddy's super powers to surface. I mean, if he can lift a car over his head surely a little tumor is no problem, to fling into the ocean of hell that it belongs in.

But he doesn't. He doesn't throw anything. He just lays there. And you aren't even sure he hears or knows you. But you know him.

He is Superman. And in your tiniest little place in your heart, you still wait for him to save the day ...because he is daddy. And he can do anything. And this thing called cancer may have knocked him for a loop but he isn't down for the count.

But the more "grown up" side realizes he is down and he isn't getting up again. And you realize that, no, he doesn't hear you or know you. And he really never had superpowers after all.

But in your heart, way down deep inside, where nobody else goes, .....just maybe he does.

Posting Today

As many of you know, my father is dying and the doctors say it is any hour now. My mother has had a breakdown of sorts and my son was in a motorcycle accident...all in the same day. I live in Texas and they are in Florida and it is not possible for me to get there. I covet your prayers.
I couldn't sleep so I blogged.

It gets fairly cold where I live and I wear skirts all year long. The way I stay warm is with long johns! I discovered them the first year I lived here and I have never looked back. Walmart sells them for a fair price so grab yourself a pair or two.

I have chicks in my kitchen! 7 of them! I had a hen,Lucky, who had 15 chicks and she only kept 8. I have had to bring them inside with the cold weather because they had no way of keeping warm. I am not set up to keep them separated from the roos I have. So....they are sitting in a cat carrier with a heating pad in my kitchen at the moment.

Eastman Johnson (American painter, 1824-1906) Christmas Time the Blodgett Family 1864 Detail

We are slowly getting ready for Christmas.  We don't celebrate it as Jesus' birth because it is not but rather as a warm cozy family time. The kids have been busy making things. I have been blessed to save enough Swagbucks and Sears/Kmart dollars to get several things for free! Nothing beats saving money on Christmas. :)

A recipe I have been making a lot of is Southwestern Crockpot Chicken. I stick some chicken breasts (or thighs) in the crockpot and toss in corn, black beans, rice, and diced tomatoes. The kids love it and it's super easy!

I also make a salsa chicken in the crockpot.. add chicken breasts and rice , dump salsa  in and sprinkle cheese on top. Mmmmm and so easy!

What crockpot recipes can you share? Comment below. :)

A good read : Creating a Cozy Home

I get so many good recipes and kitchen tips here.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Free with Discounts! catch up...
I have been using points to collect free Christmas gifts.
So far I have gotten a 20 dollar Lego set, three bottles of nail polish, an automatic counter money jar for my compulsive about coins son, 2 games and 4 sets of earbuds all totally free!
I have also used my Kohl's credit card to work deals too.
I bought a $75 vacuum for $45 using discount codes, a $40 crockpot for $4 using discount codes, 6 bath towels and a few pieces of clothing all totally free. Seriously folks, this Kohl's credit card rocks! I have gotten more free than I have spent!

Today after a day of shopping the kids and I stopped by Starbucks...hello buy one get one free!...

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Today I Made

Today I made air freshener and dishwashing liquid.
If you want to make some too here are the recipes.

Air freshener. ....
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup witch hazel
20 drops orange essential oil
20 drops cinnamon essential oil
20 drops clove essential oil

Dishwashing liquid
1 cup water
2 tablespoons baking soda
1 cup liquid castille soap
20 drops lemon essential oil
20 drops tea tree essential oil

Do you make cleaning products? Let me know by commenting below !

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Just Chatting

What is on top of my nightstand?

Avalon Organics body lotion in lavendar

Homemade rosemary cream for aches and pains

A decorated tin can filled with pens and screwdrivers

And a fan

Here's a view of my little cabin

I sat on my bed to take the pics.

Last giveaway I won...a sports bra

Last meal cooked....sloppy joes

Tell me about you!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Popping In With Freebie News

A few freebies I got today. Several magazines (Real Simple, Southern Living.....don't you just love the pictures in this one?, Traditional Home, Redbook, Dwell, and Better Homes and Gardens) plus three samples of Seventh Generation laundry soap. (thanks Seventh Generation Forums!) and three greeting cards.

I have several days a week like this...I love free stuff!

Check out these sites

Hunt 4 Freebies

Hey It's Free

I earned a free fancy coffee at Mcdonalds this week too. Remember I told you how I do it?

Guess what! I have a youtube channel! Check us out. Please subscribe...I promise we'll get better!

Our first video

Our second video

Comment below and tell me what you got free this week!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Operation:Save Money


I have been going over the budget recently and I mean in both ways: reviewing it and spending over it!

To remedy the problem, which got started when one of hubby's paychecks way back last July was much less than expected. This necessitated some shuffling around on bills and apparently we didn't shuffle well enough!!
What a lesson, that one check could cause so much havoc!

So after making a three column list of bills that 1)can't be changed ( like mortgage) 2) bills that can be changed but not easily ( like electric) and 3) those that can be changed easily ( like hubby's coffee habit every morning)

Here are a few remedies I have in mind to take our monthly bills from $3260 to $2900.

Hubby can take coffee from home- $30
No more Mcdonald's on grocery shopping day- $80
With a bitter winter ahead I can cook on woodstove since it will be ablaze anyway- $17
Make detergent-$20 .I was making my own but then we got in habit of going to the laundromat and we ended up buying Tide. Well, generic Tide. But no more ! Back to homemade.
Pay off credit cards with income tax refunds- $250

This is a monthly savings of almost $400.
This brings me to $2860.

Will I do it? We'll see!

I plan to save money on my grocery bill... Which really can't be scaled back using smartphone apps like ibotta, checkout 51, and cartwheel. I simply send pics of my receipts that contain the products these apps list, different each week, and money is added to my account. I cash out at $20.

Remember this post on how I get free food with smartphone apps?

I also use discounts and coupons at stores like Kohls ( only shop clearance) , Kmart and Sears for household necessities and earn points. Yesterday I used $10 in free Sears points to buy headphones for a Christmas gift for my daughter.

I use Swagbucks and MyPoints to earn guft cards. This past week I earned a  $5 Amazon gift card from Swagbucks and a $10 Amazon gift card from MyPoints. I don't just do the searches; I also watch videos( about 1 minute long), do surveys, and buy needed items thru their link.
For example, I buy grocery items at Walmart thru MyPoints link , items I need anyway, pick them up at the local store  so there is no shipping fee, and gain points I can use to redeem on gift cards. I eat at the Olive Garden for my birthday free every year!

So...a good plan? What do you think? Comment below with what you think!