Monday, March 21, 2016

Blog Review of Sarah Mae's New Book


The basic premise of this book is to put our  hearts into our house cleaning.
However that doesn't mean making a clean home something  we worship but that we understand why we clean our homes.

Sarah Mae writes with a gentle friendly conversational tone in which she leads us to the Bible for the reasons that we need to present a clean home to others.

Make no mistake about it,the author knows the people inside the house are more important than the house itself.
She just shows us ways to aid the former with the latter.

There are no strict guidelines to follow- this is your routine you are working out, not mine, and not Sarah's.
Flexibility and Jesus are the keys.
Sarah guides us through both of these aspects. 

For me living in a one room off grid cabin means my cleaning schedule looks different then most.   So I decided to focus on the biblical part of this book instead of the cleaning part.   The part that gives us the why to what we as homemakers (or lifegivers as Sarah calls us) do.

Another example of something I really liked was that  Sarah talks about anchors instead of schedules so I will share my super simple  anchors with you 
1-wake up, read bible with kids, feed farm animals and then breakfast.
2-lunch and reading
3- prepare supper, feed farm animals, get dishes out.
4- brush teeth and wash up for bed.

I think this book  will appeal to different women  for different reasons. For some the practical cleaning advice will jump out at them and for some  the spiritual words will be stronger. And I think both will stand out for all of us at different times in our lives.

All in all ...I loved this book and strongly recommend it to every woman out there!

I was provided this book free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion by Tyndale.


  1. Thanks for the review! I am going to look into purchasing this! I am so thrilled that y'all are getting grid power. It will make your Summer's so much more bearable! What a blessing! Life is truly looking up for your family!

  2. If you want... this link is to the book and then i get crefit :) thanks... glad u enjoyed the post!
    Just copy and paste


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