Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Look What I Made! And More!

Today I made German pancakes, also known as Dutch babies.

This video, by one of my favorite bloggers, Esther Emery, explains how to make them.

I have meat for dinner thawing. Can you read the goodness I am so excited about? Grassfed beef , only $4.19 a pound!

I am starting over "on the farm". I have sold my horse, pigs, and goats. I kept the cats, chickens and dogs.
My heart and mind need a rest so I am stopping everything and deciding what is most important to me. 

I have started composting directly to my lasagna garden in hopes of a good spring crop. Not sure what those crops will be lol.

I have started attending a new church...the kids really like it. I am getting there. *smile

Hopefully I will be blogging again. We'll see!!

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