Monday, October 3, 2016

Free Food? How?

I have been getting free food lately. How am I doing that?
With smartphone apps!

I have downloaded several apps that when applied at places gets me free stuff.

The Sonic app was good for a free small slushie. Funny story, after I ordered a cherry one they forgot me! So to make up for that they upgraded it to a large.!!

Chick Filet was good for a free sandwich of my choice. So was Mcdonald's. So was Burger King.

Speaking of Mcdonald's,  every time I buy a coffee there I get a point towards a free cup of joe. Five dots and I get a freebie!

Starbucks offered up a free drink...anything I I chose the most expensive coffee drink there and nobody batted an eye :)

Subway gave me a free 6 inch sub if I bought a drink. One iced tea later and I was munching on a steak and cheese sandwich.

These apps are good for deals all the time so even after the freebies are gone you can still get deals that help your wallet.

Even if I never go back to those places , and face it, with no coffeeshop in this small town I will be back to Mcdonald's for at least coffee, I still got my money's worth ;)

What apps do you use?

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