Thursday, October 6, 2016

Operation:Save Money


I have been going over the budget recently and I mean in both ways: reviewing it and spending over it!

To remedy the problem, which got started when one of hubby's paychecks way back last July was much less than expected. This necessitated some shuffling around on bills and apparently we didn't shuffle well enough!!
What a lesson, that one check could cause so much havoc!

So after making a three column list of bills that 1)can't be changed ( like mortgage) 2) bills that can be changed but not easily ( like electric) and 3) those that can be changed easily ( like hubby's coffee habit every morning)

Here are a few remedies I have in mind to take our monthly bills from $3260 to $2900.

Hubby can take coffee from home- $30
No more Mcdonald's on grocery shopping day- $80
With a bitter winter ahead I can cook on woodstove since it will be ablaze anyway- $17
Make detergent-$20 .I was making my own but then we got in habit of going to the laundromat and we ended up buying Tide. Well, generic Tide. But no more ! Back to homemade.
Pay off credit cards with income tax refunds- $250

This is a monthly savings of almost $400.
This brings me to $2860.

Will I do it? We'll see!

I plan to save money on my grocery bill... Which really can't be scaled back using smartphone apps like ibotta, checkout 51, and cartwheel. I simply send pics of my receipts that contain the products these apps list, different each week, and money is added to my account. I cash out at $20.

Remember this post on how I get free food with smartphone apps?

I also use discounts and coupons at stores like Kohls ( only shop clearance) , Kmart and Sears for household necessities and earn points. Yesterday I used $10 in free Sears points to buy headphones for a Christmas gift for my daughter.

I use Swagbucks and MyPoints to earn guft cards. This past week I earned a  $5 Amazon gift card from Swagbucks and a $10 Amazon gift card from MyPoints. I don't just do the searches; I also watch videos( about 1 minute long), do surveys, and buy needed items thru their link.
For example, I buy grocery items at Walmart thru MyPoints link , items I need anyway, pick them up at the local store  so there is no shipping fee, and gain points I can use to redeem on gift cards. I eat at the Olive Garden for my birthday free every year!

So...a good plan? What do you think? Comment below with what you think!


  1. Sounds like a great plan Tami!!! Kelly Thompson

  2. I do MyPoints also. and Shop at Kmart. Sounds like you have a good plan, Tami.

  3. Good plan! But I can't imagine having that much in monthly bills! That's a lot of money!

    1. Different for everyone....i have a friend whose house payment is $2000. Plus they spend about $1500 in car payments! Plus all their other bills! We had to buy a car is one reason our bills are so high. No choice!

    2. Oh! I know people like that too!...totally insane in my humble opinion....we live simple and modestly on purpose...we are debt free except for our land and plan to stay that way....I hope your plan works for you it's hard being in debt and having to much month at the end of the money! :)


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