Saturday, November 12, 2016

Free with Discounts! catch up...
I have been using points to collect free Christmas gifts.
So far I have gotten a 20 dollar Lego set, three bottles of nail polish, an automatic counter money jar for my compulsive about coins son, 2 games and 4 sets of earbuds all totally free!
I have also used my Kohl's credit card to work deals too.
I bought a $75 vacuum for $45 using discount codes, a $40 crockpot for $4 using discount codes, 6 bath towels and a few pieces of clothing all totally free. Seriously folks, this Kohl's credit card rocks! I have gotten more free than I have spent!

Today after a day of shopping the kids and I stopped by Starbucks...hello buy one get one free!...

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