Saturday, December 10, 2016

Friday and Saturday

Last night I ran into town and bought a small notebook and flashlight for my daughter to send to one of her penpals. While I was at the store I decided to just walk and wander.

I bought a coffee and grabbed a cart. Mind you the most exciting thing I bought was cat food.
Anyway I checked clearance for any fantastic deals- there were none.
I meandered thru Christmas and was amazed at what people would spend !!
I looked at dvds and again thought I lived in Sodom and Gomorrah.
I dreamed a little when I looked at sweaters.
Then I grabbed a doughnut to console myself ( ha, 50 cents!) and checked out.

I met up with my son and his friend and headed straight back to the store because they said they were hungry and since they were staying the night at the house they are fixing up they had no food. So I bought them a few treats and we talked for awhile , just sitting in the car in the Walmart parking lot . I loved every minute of it!

Yep,my son is fixing up a house that was given to his friend. He will move out soon. He will be over there alot til he is old enough to leave. He still homeschools but I will graduate him soon. He will only be a few miles down the road but still.....I am not looking forward to that fateful day!

Saturday was the big grocery trip. 45 minutes to Sam's Club. (Really we live 45 minutes from anything. We just got lucky with the Walmart because all the other tiny towns drive here to shop at it. Before that all we had was a Piggly Wiggly.  And not much else.
I bought lots of salad things and fruit for smoothies. A few packs of chicken for crockpot meals I planned.

We finished the trip with a quick bite to eat which counted as dinner and came home,  fed the chickens, took the laundry off the line ( with a flashlight in the dark!), started a fire and watched a movie.

Now we are all in bed and I am blogging. No more tho because we have come to the end of this post!

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  1. It sounds like you had a nice little outing and I'm sure your son and his friend appreciated a treat and company to talk to. Our children "fly out of the nest" don't they! I was just telling my husband I miss the kids but I am glad they are enjoying their own lives just as I did when I "flew the nest"...and I never missed my parents! Andrea


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