Thursday, December 1, 2016

My Daddy

When you are a little girl you think your daddy can do anything. Lift cars over his head. Swim the deepest ocean. Lock all the doors and keep you safe. No matter who or what comes your way , daddy can take care of it.

When you are older you realize daddy isn't super human but God forbid anyone else think that! Now it's your turn to protect his reputation. Nobidy else will ever think he isn't next to God in his abilities. And besides, deep down, you still think he is anyway.

Until the day ....when his superman abilities don't come out and protect him or you. Til something insidious comes between you and no matter how hard he fights it , it becomes apparent you and he are losing. Losing to something you can't see so how do you fight it? How do you stop it ?How do you make it go away?

And then the day comes , when the phone call comes that you knew would, and your heart breaks in a million pieces and you long for daddy's super powers to surface. I mean, if he can lift a car over his head surely a little tumor is no problem, to fling into the ocean of hell that it belongs in.

But he doesn't. He doesn't throw anything. He just lays there. And you aren't even sure he hears or knows you. But you know him.

He is Superman. And in your tiniest little place in your heart, you still wait for him to save the day ...because he is daddy. And he can do anything. And this thing called cancer may have knocked him for a loop but he isn't down for the count.

But the more "grown up" side realizes he is down and he isn't getting up again. And you realize that, no, he doesn't hear you or know you. And he really never had superpowers after all.

But in your heart, way down deep inside, where nobody else goes, .....just maybe he does.


  1. Prayers for your dad. Life here is a pilgrimage and there are many moments of sadness when we love others. But carry on with Hope. There is no Christmas without Christ. That is the center of our Christmas. Andrea

  2. Hey lady I texted you not sure I used the right number for some reason a couple for you showed on my phone...if you did not get it text me and let me know...Praying for you!


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