Monday, December 12, 2016

Sunday Brought A New Dog (and other things)

Well Sunday started off with a bang!
I get a call from my teen son who is spending the weekend with a friend. Emergency! We have a lost dog here and 20 degree weather and nobody to take her in .
Meet Jane.
She is mine now. 😕

What else can I do? Thankfully she is good as gold with my other inside dog, Snickers.

Then I fed the chickens, cleaned out the cat carriers- I have 3 ready to give birth- washed dishes for what seemed like an hour, baked some rolls to go with our tortellini lunch and reveled in the wonders of the coffee pot's contents!

I also swept the whole house and cleaned the bathtub. ( the fun never ends around here)

The kids puttered and played with the new dog.

For supper I cooked tacos and sent my son to the store for ice. He and his friend went to get it. However his friend's truck broke down in our long muddy driveway.  So Parker ( my son) used the tractor to pull it out and we tried to start it to no avail. So the boys took my car to get the ice . But they came home withthout it! Parker  paid for it but forgot to grab it on his way out. Back to the store he went!  Dropping his friend off on the way, without supper, because we took so long getting to it and his mom needed him! I felt bad!

Finally supper was on and a Christmas movie was put on and everyone settled in.

2 hours later, dishes were piled into the sink so I quickly washed them up and went to bed like everyone else. 

And that was Sunday.

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