Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Daybook Entry

Outside my window ...  Sun...a rare sight nowadays!

I am thinking ... How tired I am after an all night birthday party!

I am hoping ... to work on my lasagna garden some more today.

I am thankful ...  to have kids I can have an all night birthday party with!

I am sewing ...nothing

I am reading ... Woodswoman...about a woman living alone in the wilder

I am seeing … my dog lazing in the sun

I am hearing … chickens cackling

I am learning ... How to drive my big tractor

In the garden ... Prepping the lasagna garden. Just bought watermelon and lettuce seeds.

On the dinner table …  we had breakfast for dinner last night. Eggs, hash browns, bacon and sausage.

A picture to share ..

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  1. Wow, an all night birthday party! I hope you all had fun. Is it already time for gardening there? It's so warm here but will probably get cold again.


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