Friday, February 10, 2017

Chicken Dinner Winners

I buy a lot of chicken. Where I live , in Texas, I am 20 minutes or so from the Pilgrims plant. Chicken here is pretty cheap. And no, I haven't graduated to butchering my own yet. ( they all have names!)
Meet Esmerelda

Anyway. ..I digress...

We eat a lot of chicken. Just from the store😀
A few quick recipes we like are caesar chicken, salsa chicken and Mexican chicken.
For caesar style we simply combine chunks of chicken with macaroni noodles ( can be any type) with mixed veggies and creamy caesar salad dressing.
Super easy but a crowd pleaser. 

Salsa chicken is simply chicken done in a crockpot or baking pan with salsa poured over the top and topped with cheese. How easy is that? But oh so good!

Mexican chicken....I do that in a crockpot. ...chicken breasts or thighs with rice and salsa ...can be ro-tel...corn and black beans.

There. 3 unbelievably simple recipes that maybe you hadn't thought of. Try 'em out!

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  1. Those recipes do look good! Now I am hungry for chicken! Andrea

  2. sound good ! chicken and dumplings for dinner tonight - doing the chicken all day in crock pot - will move to dutch oven for broth and cooking the dumplings! yum!


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