Thursday, February 16, 2017

Lemon Pepper Seasoning

My kids turned me onto a seasoning from a namebrand. Lemon and pepper.
I loved it! I became addicted to it! Then I read the ingredients.

Salt...not the himilayan pink kind with all the minerals but the plain BLEACHED no mineral white kind for 33 cents. ( that should tell you a lot right there!)


Citric acid....  Not the real kind from lemons but the fake kind manufactured in the factory

Onion....probably not real..who knows



Calcium sterate...a white waxy powder used in lubricants as a soap product

Calcium silicate. anti caking agent known for it's free flowing ability...also used in fireproofing .   MMmmmm.

FD&C yellow no.5 lake...contains aluminum ( which causes alzeheimers).... BANNED IN THE UK....

So.....ummmm.....I will simply use a safer one


That's all folks

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