Saturday, May 13, 2017

How I Save

This week I saved money by using smartphone apps applied to my grocery shopping. Ibotta and Walmart Savings Catcher both gave me cash back on items I bought anyway.  I saved an extra $4 by using these apps.

I clipped a digital coupon and saved $2 at Kmart for shampoo. I also applied my ShopYourWay points and brought this $7 bottle down to $2.
While at the store I grabbed my Friday ELF makeup brush. Only worth a buck but hey, it's free!
When I paid my $2 my receipt spit  out a surprise $5 in points!!! I marched over to boys wear and grabbed a tee shirt for my son and guess was free!
Then my Ibotta app rewarded me with 8% back on the full price of the shirt! Just for taking a picture of the receipt!

I received 13 magazines this week in the mail and I don't pay to subscribe to any of them. I get 60 magazines a month for free If you think they are magazines nobody really wants...think again!  Good Housekeeping, People, Rachel Ray, Martha Stewart, Sports Illustrated for Kids...these are just a few of my new reading materials.

The mail carrier also brought  stickers from a surf shop,  tea bags, lotion samples and a sample of a child's multi vitamin....all free.

 We are still waiting for the mail carrier to bring our order from Thriftbooks...I earned a $5 gift card from them because I earn one every time I purchase $50 worth of books or dvds  and in a family of bookworms ain't hard!

There are plenty of  free things out kids rent dvds and books from the library all the time. No charge there. Plus if you sign up for Redbox's emails you get free dvds there sometimes too.
Lots of fast food places have apps for free food and buy one get one deals. I use them all the time!

I have Amazon Prime and recently they asked me if I wanted to wait 7 days for my order instead of 2 and if I did I would receive a five dollar gift card...I did!

If you buy chicken feed. (Or anything else) from Tractor Supply please sign up for their Neighborhood Community Program....if I spend at least $30 a month I receive a ten dollar gift card every other month!
I chose to use mine on chicken feed.  Plus free pet food is given out every once in a while too.

Those are just  a few of the cool free things I did this week....I saved about $47 just by buying what I needed and sending in my email address on a few websites.

Oh, don't forget Swagbucks!
By using them as my search engine and buying shopping the Walmart website thru them I earn about $10 a month in Amazon gift cards.
And Groupon lets me buy Target and Starbucks gift cards ...$5 for $10 gift cards. I love a great deal!

Let me know how you save!


  1. I have never used most of those apps/ savings tools. I worry about the invasiveness of what the different companies are tracking.I probably sound paranoid but I just don't like the idea of so many companies following my every purchase.

  2. I used to be the same way but when I realized they had all my info just by me being on my cell I just went with it.

  3. Please share how you got the magazines!! I am interested in it.

    1. Some of these take a little effort but they are totally worth it to me. Others are just sign up and its yours. These are all legit, no hidden costs, no credit card info needed, no spam


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