Monday, May 1, 2017

I Can't Buy the Ultimate Bundle!

Don't have the money to buy the Ultimate Bundle right now? I can't so I thought some of you couldn't either. If you can..great!!! Moneysaving mom has the link to it if you want to buy it.

But if u can't...remember....there a ton of crockpot and smoothie recipes online for free.

Flour on my Face has tons of fantastic crockpot recipes...they are Arlene's specialty and she has a catalog of them plus she will send you a new one each Friday.!

Sunwarrior has a free smoothie ebook....

the Humbled Homemaker has her terrific smoothie recipe book for free too. ( she also has a link to the Ultimate Bundle)

The Healthy Chef has a collection of smoothie ebooks too...I am anxious to try the wellbeing ones.

I found tons of dating for married couples conversation starters for free online too.
Here are a few my hubby and I are using:

Icebreaker Ideas

To Love Honor and Vacuum

Family Life.    While you are there, Sign up for their free marriage resources..I did!

Follow this Google link to family dinner conversation starters too ...just like in the bundle.!

Youtube has massage videos to watch and the local library has some to check out. And to go along with these here is a google list of ways to spice things up in the bedroom!

There are so many free resources for decluttering, minimalist living, organization and such that you are sure to find some help somewhere.
Try Sunny Days' List of 75 Things just to get you started. Then , if you need more google free decluttering and soak in all the goodness!
After you have thrown out a few things, try organizing what you have left by checking out a few ideas on my Pinterest board.

Try looking thru the plethora of free kindle books on these subjects!!
Here's one on Minimalist living. Here's another.

My intent is not to downgrade the Ultimate Bundle but to let those of you who can't afford one to realize not all hope is lost...we can still read up on these subjects too!

And since we always need a picture for Pinterest here is one

My cat Julie :)

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