Thursday, June 15, 2017

10 Random Facts about Me

My favorite color is purple.

I hate cooking...I do it so we can survive.

My husband and I share the same birthday.

I like to bake and make a mean chocolate cake.

I have 5 dogs.

I have 19 cats. Yes they live outside.

I used to dye my hair red...haven't for years tho.

I have 7 children.

I used to own a black cat named Snowball.

I cut my finger off at my first ice cream shop. They sewed it back on.

There ya you know me better.

2 last things.....
This is a site I am spending time on.
Do you do this? Let me know!

This is my silly son fooling around at a thrift store!

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  1. My favorite color is purple, too, Tami, and I also used to dye my hair red (and other colors too). It's all grown out now, so it's my natural color, but I think it's very nice to enjoy the color God gave you--my children always compliment me on my hair--so sweet!

    Amazing about your finger! How wonderful they could sew it back on!


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