Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Recipes of All Kinds...Plus a Goat!

This is the quiche I have been making a lot lately. I switch out the bacon and use beef sausage or turkey ham...we don't eat pork...and add mushrooms and green peppers.  Kids gobble it up.

My new favorite bread quick and easy!

My kids are addicted to these brownies!

  Oh, meet the newest member if the family...say Hi Alice.
Alice is an Alpine and should give us a gallon a day. So glad to be back at goats!

We also welcomed 3 new kittens to the fold.

Today's diffuser blend is one of my and peppermint. You'll notice that I am not brand loyal. Now orange is one of my favorite oranges because it smells most like fresh oranges and Plant Therapy is my favorite peppermint just because it isn't 'candy smelling' but rather real mint.
What do you all diffuse? Favorite brand of  oils?


Well..I gotta go move Alice so I will catch ya on the flip side. ...of next week lol

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