Monday, July 3, 2017

June Savings/Earnings

Last night's supper of cabbage rolls yielded enough leftover burger to make tacos tonight. Yay for leftovers!
We had egg salad sandwiches for lunch and homemade chocolate chip cookies for dessert today.

I wrote about saving money with smartphone apps earlier. This is a total of what I did with them this month.
Ibotta.....$20.56 check mailed to me

Swagbucks....$10 Amazon gift card

Savings Catcher....$20 Walmart gift card

Checkout 51...$8.27 towards a check mailed to me

Cricket Cellphone Rewards....$5 Walmart gift card

Hollar...used a $7 credit I had for referrals and bought a ceramic loaf pan with free shipping.

Inbox Dollars...$10. Check mailed to me

ShopYourWay...$8 in points that I combined with clearance and got a $27 curtain rod...which I needed for my new bedroom...for only $3.

ShopAtHome...$4.75 ( letting that sit for awhile)

About $93, just for buying what I always do.

Used my 10% off flyer on chicken and goat feed this morning...that neighborhood program Tractor Supply has is great! I saved a few bucks today and got a free hat!

I had fun yesterday...spending the $10 gift card Kohls sent me for my birthday! I chose beautiful turquoise bath  towels...on sale 3 for $10. Perfect for my soon to be remodeled bathroom!

There...that is a recap of my apps etc earning for the month of June. Did you like reading about it? Did you learn anything? Did you sign up for anything? Yes I am an affiliate and I do benefit from your signups but I only recommend what I love.

Share your apps earnings in the comments below!

                   Hubby and son at Tractor Supply


  1. Wow, that's excellent! It takes me forever to earn a swagbucks gift card or much else.

  2. You prove the point that saving money is a fulltime occupation! Great job! Leftovers reign - I have a whole section in my book: Come to My Table...


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