Sunday, July 30, 2017

Ways I Saved Money Last Week

The number one way I saved money this week was by ordering my groceries online at Sam's Club and then picking them up without browsing the aisles. I couldn't believe how much I saved by not throwing ANY impulse items in the cart. I simply made a list of items need  meals

I used to order my chicken and goat feed as well as cat food. Then I went into town to pick it up. By doing so I earned 100 swagbucks and that adds up to $5 Amazon gift cards. I do this twice a month.

I used my swagbucks gift card that I already earned to purchase a Plant Therapy lemon essential oil.

New to Swagbucks? It's a site where you answer surveys, watch tv clips and shop thru that earns you gift cards to some of your favorite stores! Sign up here!

I used the Amazon gift card that I earned from program similar to Swagbucks... to buy a bottle of garlic supplements that my family takes. Totally free this time!

I turned in 5 dollars worth of Shop Your Way points for a $5 Kmart gift card and bought a Rubbermaid storage bin that I had been needing.

I used my Groupon app to purchase a $20 Dominos gift card for only $10...not a super healthy lunch but the kids like it and it gave us all a treat. Combined with a deal they had running, we all had plenty to eat.

One of my favorite stores ,Walmart ,had bagged salads on sale for 59 cents! As long as we eat it within the next week it will be fresh and yummy. I predict a lot of side salads over the next few days :)


That was the run down on my savings/  earnings this past week. How was yours? Share in the comments below.

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  1. That's great! I use Swagbucks too, though I wish they hadn't raised the price of Amazon gift cards.


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