Friday, September 6, 2019

My Passive Income Streams

I have been doing earning what's called passive income for awhile now.
Putting out little to no effort to earn a small sum of cash. And I do mean small! Sometimes I earn  a $20 check thats mailed to me or a $5-$10 Amazon ( or whichever store I choose) gift card emailed to me or a $3 deposit in my PayPal account ( sometimes I get $ with Ibotta)
As little as these earnings are they do add up and help with groceries, toiletries or even birthday gifts.

One of the things I do is download apps that pay me back for grocery items I buy. And no, they are not all junk food!!
Check them out in your playstore.

Ibotta ( the app not the website,  tho both are great. I just don't have the ability to print coupons)

Fetch. Use this code PT9NC

Savings Star

Checkout 51

I also do surveys which tho it takes a little while to earn, the payouts are good.  These are the ones that I do and know for a fact that they are legit.

Inbox Dollars ( make sure you click on each email they earn 2 points every time)

Global Test Market

Shopkicks. Use this code ...CARD579124

With this app you roam the store and take pics of the barcode on different products. You are paid for each one and you don't have to buy anything! You even get points just for walking thru the door! Of course if you do  buy the item listed you get even more points.


My Points ( I also do all my shopping thru here so I get more points quicker)

Survey Junkie. Easy and fast way to get $5 gift cards or money in your Paypal.


                           Shameless plug

I also enter contests and tho I haven't won anything recently I have won almost 500 of the darn things! Everything from dvds, textbooks, purses, coffee, tshirts, jewelry, to Barbie dolls , tablecloths, a tv, makeup, to cash. ( even $1000 from Folgers coffee!) One year for Christmas I even "bought" all our gifts for Free!

I play the Win It app daily as well.  I save up points til I get enough for something from Sears or Kmart ( the only 2 stores involved). I usually "make" about $5-7 a week. A little tip...dont have anything shipped to your house, that will cost money. But rather have it shipped to the store or pick something already at your closest store to you. Then the whole thing is free!!   Since my Kmart and Sears closed down I now have things shipped to the store where my daughter lives and I simply get things for her!

These are just a few things I do to earn a little cash here and there.   I earn about $50 -70  a month.  It takes me a few hours a day.
Share what you do and maybe I will sign up under you!!


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