Tuesday, December 10, 2019

A Cold, Lazy, Rainy Day

       Cold and rainy here today. I love days like this.
        Nice fire going, kids cuddled in bed, yummy coffee in my mug ( coffee is Starbucks, an early gift from my mom and the mug is an early gift from my daughter)


      Taking a much needed day at home. We have been so busy, which is good for my soul. Church activities and parties, family dinners at my son and daughter in law 's.  Town Christmas parades, grandkids spending the night ( which I love!)
But today is all about movies, schoolwork,  and fire. I have a pot of coffee on for now but soup will join it soon.

As for savings this week, I was able to get two large boxes of cereal totally free using the Fetch app. Just buy it, snap a pic of the receipt and voila, you get all your money back. Join me there using the referral code PT9NC.  If you do they will give you 2000 points to start and 3000 is a gift card so you're off to a great start. I earn about $20 a month.
I also found Poptarts at Dollar Tree for of course a dollar. But wait! These Poptarts are different!  They are name brand but gmo free, no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial colors or flavors.! While not as good as an apple for a snack, face it, we all like a Poptart!  And these are a zillion times better than the old ones.

Well friends, I am going to get back to more coffee, doing surveys to earn gift cards and enjoying my fire.  Have a great day! 

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