Thursday, April 2, 2020

A Few Links to Help Right Now

  This recipe is for fire cider, an all natural immune system booster ...something we can all use during this health crisis. I used my food stamps to buy every ingredient.

This link is for a free PDF of a cookbook titled Good and Cheap. It is an entire book devoted to cooking great meals on a food stamp budget.

Want to use old candles to make new?  Do what Mavis does and you'll have some to put away in your preps!

Meatless meals for under $2

How to make ricotta cheese from powdered milk......a little tip....I buy Nido brand powdered milk in the Mexican section. I get the one for younger children since it's made from whole milk. All others are made from skim milk and don't have the creaminess this does.

 Sign up for Fetch using this code PT9NC ...start getting money back on groceries you buy anyway. I've earned $30 in Walmart gift cards since January.

Hope these tips help a little bit.

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